Zoom in the viewport or change the size of the active camera with keeping the same perspective.

How to use

First of all, you must add a camera and set it active (Cameras > Use Camera > Camera).

Image size

Width :

The new image width in pixel.

Height :

The new image height in pixel.


Zoom :

The zoom factor in percent.

X :

The X offset.

Y :

The Y offset.

Auto update :

If you enable Auto update you don't have to click on 'OK' to apply the new settings.

Note : If the xsCameraSizeAdjust's dialog window loses the focus you have to click on 'OK' to apply the new settings.

Reset :

The 'Reset' button reset the camera settings and the render width / height stored at the opening of xsCameraSizeAdjust.

If you make some modifications to the camera settings while xsCameraSizeAdjust is open, when you click on 'Reset' these modifications will be lost.



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